Best Photos of 2016

I have finally got around to adding my “Best of” photo galleries from my work at the Pensacola News Journal from the past few years.

I was thrilled to be in Pensacola and to start working at the PNJ in 2016.  Beach, baseball and the Blues, who could ask for more? 

In 2016, I was fortunate to have covered the Blue Wahoos winning their division, the visits of our then future President, a wheelchair-bound high school student playing football, the homecoming of local baseball star Addison Russell who helped the Chicago Cubs finally win the World Series ending their 108-year drought, a paraplegic man walking thanks to the engineering achievements of IHMC and so much more.

Here is a link to the “Best of 2016: Gregg Pachkowski” gallery on the PNJ website:


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