Look out MacGyver

While I pride myself on being a very organized person, life happens and things do go wrong.

For example, I recently went on a shoot only to realize that I was missing a couple of light stands.  It’s times like this that separate the amateurs from the pros; through years of training and experience, I confidently handle situations like this.

I didn’t panic.  I surveyed the situation and took note of my resources.  Luckily it was a rainy day and I brought along an umbrella.  Using my best Boy Scout problem-solving skills and doing my best MacGyver impersonation, I was able to create makeshift light stands by lashing my umbrella to a chair and using my equipment cart for another; the shoot went off without a hitch.MacGyver-lightstands

On my journey to achieving my Eagle Scout rank, I learned so many life skills like leadership, problem-solving, and the ever useful art of knot tying, that apply to this day. Above all, I have embraced the motto to “Be Prepared!”

As such, I have developed equipment checklists for different types of
shoots to be best prepared for each situation and to help minimize potential problems.  A quick check of the appropriate list, load up the car, and off I go.

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