No go to Nepal

I was getting ready to travel to Nepal in order to photograph the annual Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity International which was supposed to take place November 1st – 6th.  I had my flights booked…  my travel immunizations up-to-date…  my valid passport… and my ever handy Lonely Planet travel guide book…Nepal-passportAnd then unfortunately…  I was recently informed that the project was cancelled due to civil unrest which has lead to a shortage of fuel and supplies in Nepal.  This was the first time in 32 consecutive years that the Carter Work Project had to be cancelled!


I have been fortunate to have been photographing these Habitat builds since 1999 when it was held in the Philippines.  Since then, I have had some great adventures from South Korea to South Africa.  Next stop…  Nepal…  I was really looking forward to the trip… complete with an opportunity to see Mount Everest in person.

Needless to say, I am disappointed.  But ultimately, I wish well for the citizens of Nepal.  Thankfully, the work of Habitat for Humanity will continue through its local ongoing efforts in that country.

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