Who else is using the same images that you are using?

Sure stock photography is a tempting way to acquire images for your marketing needs (website, brochures, ads, etc.).  After all, it is cheap and easy to find.  However, the problem is that it is cheap and easy to find.

And that leads to the question – Who else is using the same images that you are using?

The answer is lots of companies.  No wonder why stock agencies can offer them so inexpensively and still make a profit.

The average consumer is not only recognizing similar photos on other websites, but they are also recognizing the bland, generic nature of stock images and are ignoring them.

According to the Denver Egotist – “At best, stock photography is a waste of money that is ignored.  At worst, stock photography is a barrier to the usability and effectiveness of your website and marketing endeavors.  Stop relying on stock photography and start owning your brand image.”

You have a unique business, with exceptional staff, and a USP (unique selling proposition)…  why not show it?  Make your business stand out from the crowd.

Check in next week for “Great Uses and Pitfalls of Stock Photography”.

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