Are you the best?

One of the many points that I got from Simon Sinek’s presentation was that saying that you are “the best” at something is meaningless.  Even if you are very good at what you do…  are you really “the best”?  Isn’t there someone somewhere who is better than you?

I totally agree!  Case in point, even though Angel & I have been published in Sports Illustrated on more than one occasion, we know that we are not “the best”.   There are MANY more sports photographers who can run circles around us.  And as SI photo editor Jimmy Colton once told us, “If you can shoot action better than Bill Frakes or Peter Read Miller, we will hire you.”  In other words, they ARE the best and that is why they are on staff at SI.

While I may not be THE best, I am very good at what I do…  better than most.  Why?  Because I have dedicated myself to years and years of education, practice and experience. Because I believe in the old adage –  “If you are going to do something, do it right and take pride in it.”!  Because I treat every job with the same attention to detail, whether it is a $10,000 job or a pro-bono charity event.

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